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13" Blue Merle Male
OFA - pending
Such bone and personality plus!

Adore's Fletcher is a combination of our breeding. Our boy is 12¾ inches tall and was evaualted and was said to have a great head and bone and to keep him in my program. Nice scissor bite and good ear set. Also he is a moms boy. Ofa good- MDR1 N/N, PRA-PRCD N/N

Kenzi of Adore's
11" Black Tri Female
One blue eye
OFA - Good/Eye Cert - Normal

Circle M Lil Kenzi of Adore's. This Black tri girl is 11 inches with a blue eye. Has a great scissor bite, nice topline and is personality plus since the day she arrived here. OFA Good,PRA-PRCD N/N Thanks Carla for such a sweet dog she loves everyone.

Adore's Red Curry
13½" Red Tri Female
One blue eye. Nice Scissor bite, Level Topline and good bone.
Hips pending-MDR 1 N/N - PRA-PRCD N/N Registrys NSDR and ASDR

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